Best Types of Vacuums For Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood FloorWell maintained hardwood floors make your home look classy and elegant. How good your wooden floors look over time depends entirely on how well the floor is cared for. A simple way of maintaining our wooden floors is by regular cleaning, and vacuuming help us clean that much faster. We have to make sure that we choose the best suited type of vacuum for our hardwood flooring.

Not Every Vacuum Will do

When using a vacuum to clean our floors, we must take care to use one that is suitable for hardwood. The ideal vacuum for hardwood is one that leaves the floor no worse for wear after cleaning. The wrong machine can damage your floors. That is why we have to know the desirable and undesirable qualities of a prospective cleaner.

What to Avoid

You know that you have successfully cleaned your hardwood floor when there are no scratches and no particles to be seen when you’re done. We should then pay close attention to the materials used to make the vacuum. Some qualities to avoid are:

  • Plastic wheels: Cleaners made with plastic wheels and no rubber padding are better suited for cleaning carpets. If used on a hardwood floor, this type of vacuum can cause scratches and dents.
  • Roller bristles: Your general purpose vacuum will have a brush with stiff roller bristles, which are ideal for loosening dirt lodged in carpets. However, not only do the bristles scatter the dust particles that you’re trying to clean off the hardwood floor, they can also scratch the wood as they spin.

Qualities of the Ideal Machine

The best hard floor vacuums will have the qualities detailed below:

  • Roller bristles should be absent from thecleaner because unlike carpet, hardwood typically lacks debris that needs dislodging. -The bristles only increase the risk of scratching. If we must have a general purpose vacuum, it should have an off switch for the rolling brush to prevent it from spinning.
  • The wheels of the cleaning machine should be made of rubber, not plastic. The base of the vacuum should also have extra padding made of rubber or felt to protect the floor as you move the it about.
  • The ideal cleaner for hardwood should be small and light. A small, lightweight cleaner moves easier across the floor, making vacuuming that much easier.
  • All good machines should have great suction so that no dust or particles are left on the floor after vacuuming. An optional perk you may choose to have ois suction control to reduce the suction power when you only need light vacuuming for your floor.

A perfect example that is both lightweight and has powerful suction is the backpack vacuum cleaner.

  • It should have a bare floor setting which allows you to lower the power head. Lowering the cleaner’s power head brings the suctioning power of the vacuum closer to the floor for a more thorough clean.
  • A very useful feature to have is an edge cleaner. The power heads of cleaners with this feature can pick up dirt throughout their surface. This feature allows the cleaner to suck out dirt from the room’s edges where the floor meets the wall.

The Hardwood-only Machine

Vacuum cleaners designed specifically for hardwood floors combine the concepts of a dust mop, a broom and suction to come up with the perfect cleaner.

The hardwood-only vacuum has a vertical, non-spinning brush with soft bristles and a detachable, washable microfiber pad. The brush and pad dislodge the dirt, allowing it to have an easier job of sucking up dust and particles.

Choosing The Right Cleaner is Worth it

Putting in hardwood floors is a big investment, so taking care of your floors is worth your while in every way. With regular care, your hardwood floors will last as long as you will have them. Providing your hardwood floors with the right vacuum cleaner is a good place to start in maintaining your floors. For more information, make sure to follow Hardwood Champ here:

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