Is a Special Vacuum Really Necessary For Homeowners With Pets?

Vacuuming Pet Hair on StairsHomeowners with pets; I don’t know how you clean your own home but I currently have three cats in my home and I am a cleanness nut.

So this means cleaning my home and keeping it clean; the kitchen, the bathrooms, the living area is a big deal especially because I simply will not have those lovely, delicate and graceful felines making a mess of my entire apartment and have me yelling like a banshee all over the place whenever nature calls for them.

I’ve had some fun with all sorts of tools like pet hair brushes, handheld vacuums, proper vacuums so I am a bit of a pro at it though right now I only get to do it once a week on Saturday as the help is in charge the rest of the time.

What You’ll be Cleaning Up

Because of my pets, I kind of qualify as a special needs consumer in need of a good pet vacuum. I have about three things to really worry about: cat poop, urine and the hairs that they shed all over the place. Oh, they also tear stuff up into shreds sometimes, which sorely tempts me to lock them up and forget about them; but when they stare at you with their large brown eyes you just have to have to show a little love.

So, a Special Vacuum?

Hmm. Getting straight into it. No, I don’t think you need a special vacuum just for your pets and here’s why. It’s really about keeping your home clean and the regular vacuums do that very well thank you. It’s also about the kind of pet you have and what kind of dirt it spreads all over your home. I’m not saying that it doesn’t help to find a good cleaner with special functions for pet hair removal, I’m just saying that it’s not 100% necessary. has some great tips on finding suitable vacuums like high-suction powered units and machines designed specifically for pet hair, if that’s what you really want. I personally don’t feel that it’s worth paying the extra money, when a regular vacuum can do the job almost as well at a fraction of the cost.

Let’s say you have a parakeet or some flying feathered friend, you’ll be worried about hair or maybe bits of food it spits out, right? Well, our friends over at Dyson, Hoover, Eureka, etc. have been working really hard over the years. Their regular vacuums do the job very well whether you have hardwood, rugs or a combination of both. However, for the hard to reach places or over smaller surfaces like sofas, beds and chairs you could use a handheld vacuum and hey Presto! You are right as rain.

Getting a Vacuum

Deciding on the appropriate vacuum for your home is a big decision since you have a lot to consider:

It really is not that complicated, you have a great home you rightly deserve and you have pets you love so you go right ahead and enjoy them both for as long as possible.

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