Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner: Top Picks

Bare Floor VacuumEvery time I head over to my local store in search of a vacuum cleaner, I always make sure I head there having nothing else planned for that day. This is due to the fact that there are a ton of vacuum cleaners to choose from.

Likewise, floor surfaces come in a wide array and each has its own ideal cleaning and vacuuming method. Bare floors are prone to scratches and dust build up again even after successful vacuuming. The best vacuums for bare floors are therefore the ones that are gentle on hard surfaces and also have an advanced filtration system.

Here are some of the top rated vacuum cleaners for bare floors:

  1. Hoover WindTunnel Canister Cleaner: Everything about this machine speaks perfection. It looks and feels great and to top it all it runs like a beast. Dirt pick up is enhanced by its WindTunnel technology which uses computer designed air ducts which provides a powerful dual air stream. Although it embraces bagless technology, it makes up for it with a large removable dirt cup. Other features include a HEPA filter to combat minute allergens, soft wheels for easy movement, easy to reach controls as well as ability to control suction power.
  2. Electrolux Ergospace ‘EL4103A’: Do you like working in stealth mode? If so, then the Ergospace EL4103A is the perfect vacuum for you. It’s quiet, yet powerful in cleaning bare floors and carpeted surfaces. It features support for bare floor and rug tools, 3 in 1 accessory tools for cleaning crevices and soft wheels to protect the floor from scratching. Its HEPA filter is compactly installed while the Dust Bag Full Indicator alerts you when the bag is full. The tools can also be quickly changed by pressing the quick release buttons.
  3. Miele Capri ‘S2121’: Although its eye popping price tag usually turns people away, it is worth every dime of it. The Capri S2121 build features a light weight yet strong design while the hose handle is ergonomically designed for that extra pinch of comfort. It comprises a 1200 watt Vortex motor system which is overly powerful but ultra quiet. The Air Clean Sealed System design retains up to 99.99% of particles while its superior HEPA filter filters out up to 99.7% of particles making your home allergen free.
  4. Sebo Airbelt K2 Hunter Green Canister Cleaner: This German made vacuum cleaner boasts of unparalleled quality, design and performance at a reasonably affordable price. Its straight suction turbo brush and parquet floor brush plus three other tools makes it the best hard floor vacuum for a vacuum in its price range. Additionally, the 1250 watts motor produces more than enough power to suck all the dust out of any floor type. It also utilizes unique S-Class Filtration system filters expelled air in three layers which results in 99.99% effectiveness.
  5. Miele Onyx ‘S6270’: Onyx S6270 can simply be described as the cheaper version of the Capri S2121. It comes equiped with two filtration systems; 12 stage AirSealed System and an improved HEPA which filters up to 99.99%. It also features a parquet twister floor brush for bare floor cleaning as well as high suction power from its 1200 watt motor.

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