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Hardwood Floor

Best Types of Vacuums For Hardwood Flooring

Well maintained hardwood floors make your home look classy and elegant. How good your wooden floors look over time depends entirely on how well the floor is cared for. A simple way ...
Vacuum Cleaner With Pets

Is a Special Vacuum Really Necessary For Homeowners With Pets?

Homeowners with pets; I don’t know how you clean your own home but I currently have three cats in my home and I am a cleanness nut. So this means cleaning my home and keeping ...
Bare Floor Vacuum

Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner: Top Picks

Every time I head over to my local store in search of a vacuum cleaner, I always make sure I head there having nothing else planned for that day. This is due to the fact that there ...
Pet Hair on Carpet

How to Vacuum Pet Hair From Carpets

Pet hair can be very difficult to clean up, especially if you have carpet. On average, a pet sheds at least 80 strands of hair per day, and that’s not even the big pets. It can ...
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